• In 1798, on his voyage to Egypt, Napoleon Bonaparte “hid” for some time in Ierapetra, Crete, something that few knew and even fewer ever learned. Next to him, Jean Liniey, his most loyal officer and childhood friend from the Corsican neighborhoods. In March of the same year, on a wild, stormy night, Sofia Siniori, a wonderful woman, in the vortex of an unexpected, fatal love, flees from Crete to Mani, and then to Penteli, to end up in Paris, accompanied by Bernarden, a retired officer. More than two centuries later, Sophie Linier, a girl in the French capital today, discovers a long-hidden secret in an old painting on the day she bids farewell to her mother, Liberte, for the long journey. Her footsteps will lead her to the southernmost corner of Europe, Crete, and then to Penteli, to a deserted tower, where through her eyes and her soul the two so distant, will unite, in an almost metaphysical way, worlds, separated by centuries, with the crack of the unfulfilled yet losing within them. And so they may be freed and freed from the shackles of an eternal anticipation.

    Is it the fate of people, luck, a god?
    What ultimately defines their steps?

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