Women's Case

  • “It is a high price for the ghosts to pay. And that’s exactly who I am now. A ghost, an element. Of my own accord, in my own way. A ghost that moves silently among the world. And them? They look at me, but they don’t see me. They hear me but they don’t listen to me. They socialize with me, but they don’t know me…”

    A serial killer kills women in the present by copying past femicides that went unpunished. In the perfectly staged crime scene, the killer leaves “gifts” for the police: extra evidence, with which the culprits of the past can now be caught. All the victims wear a piece of jewelry identical to the one police officer Nora Dendrinou always wears around her neck: a calligraphic capital “N” enclosed in a small house. The killer’s appeal to her is clear. The game starts. With her, police officer Nikolas Panagiotidis and private investigator Elpiniki Doka. The three of them trapped in a death arena.

    Can the present unlock the past?
    Can revenge mean vindication?
    Because sometimes “the past has not yet come and the future is not as it used to be…”
    Issue date 9 Dec 2021
    Thematic Category Crime – Mystery, Thriller – Adventure
    Greek literature series
    Genre Fiction
    Age 18+
    480 pages
    Thousands of traffic 40
    ISBN 978-618-01-4183-2
    Code 26453
    Size (width x height) 14 x 21 cm
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    Binding Soft cover

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    Claire Theodorou, Lena Manta


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