• 1923. Refugee settlement. The old notebook with her grandmother’s recipes that was saved from the disaster brings back to Filio Baltatzi memories of her beautiful days.
    1917. Smyrna in its glory, as well as the Baltatzis family, one of the most important of the city. Life is an endless celebration of joy, hope and anticipation, which reaches its climax with the arrival of the Greeks.
    Along with the history of the family, the relationships, the loves, the jealousies, the tangle of the history of Smyrna is also unraveled. All around them, discord, expediency, international interests, betrayals by friends and allies, and in the center residents of cosmopolitan Smyrna who unsuspectingly head towards its tragic end.
    The work was written after many years of research and is based on testimonies of Greeks, Levantines and Turks, as well as on documents unknown to the general public. It is a work that praises the culture and beauty of Ionian life and the contribution of refugees to modern Greece.
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    Author Denisis Mimi

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    2021, 2021


    Mimi Denisi, Mimi Denisi


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