• Munich, September 1931. Police officer Siegfried Sauer is urgently called to an aristocratic apartment, where twenty-two-year-old Angela Raubal, known as Geli, has been found dead. Next to her is a pistol: everything points to suicide. But Geli was not a random girl, and the apartment where she lived and died, as well as the pistol that fired the fatal bullet, did not belong to a random man: her legal guardian was “Uncle Alf”, known in the rest of Germany as Adolf Hitler.
    Sauer immediately begins the investigations, torn between those who want him to close the investigation within hours and those who ask him to look into the case in depth and discover the truth, whatever it may be. Hitler, as soon as he hears the news, rushes back from Nuremberg and confirms that he has an unshakable alibi. And yet, Sauer doubts and does not stop investigating. The truths he will discover are so dark, that they shake all his professional and personal certainty, and will push him to decisions from the outcome of which even the future of democracy in Germany could be judged…
    Set against the backdrop of the dying Weimar Republic, in which all the harbingers of the Nazi tragedy are palpable, The Angel of Munich is a thriller that balances wonderfully between hard historical reality and compelling fiction, a journey in search of a small part of the truth that can , perhaps, to restore the dignity of the first, true victim of Nazi propaganda: the young and innocent Geli Raubal.
    Original title L’ angelo di Monaco
    ISBN 9789601692715
    Pataki Publishing House
    Weight 0.82
    Pages 656
    Dimensions 14×21
    Date of 1st edition December 2021
    Author Massimi Fabiano
    Translated by Economidou, Maria

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    Dimensions14 × 21 cm




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    Massimi Fabiano


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